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Taman Safari Bali Officially Introduces Varuna, Indonesia’s First Underwater Theatrical Show

Bali, 20 Desember 2023 – Taman Safari Bali officially presents “Varuna” the first underwater theatrical show in Indonesia, offering a dining experience while witnessing a world-class theatrical performance starting from December 20, 2023. The launch of Varuna is part of Taman Safari Bali’s plan to develop The Exciting Marine Safari Bali, set to open in 2024.

Alexander Zulkarnain, Vice President Media Event & Digital Taman Safari Indonesia stated, “Bali is one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations due to its beautiful seas, with more than 4.5 million tourists visiting Bali in 2023. Taman Safari Bali aims to showcase the beauty of Bali’s underwater world through Varuna, providing a dining experience while witnessing Indonesia’s first underwater theatrical show for domestic and international tourists,”

Varuna is located at Taman Safari Bali, situated in Gianyar Regency, Bali. The park covers approximately 50 hectares and houses over 2,500 animals from various parts of the world.

At Varuna, visitors will embark on a sensory adventure, enjoying delicious meals while witnessing a captivating show. Varuna’s narrative artfully depicted through a charming combination of paper animation, wayang kulit (shadow puppetry), and enchanting performances by world-renowned Technical Advisor Peter Wilson.

As a world-class show, Varuna integrates sustainability and marine life conservation efforts into its performances. The technology and displays always prioritize the well-being and preservation of the surrounding wildlife.

“The extraordinary tourism potential of Bali is not only in its beautiful nature; through Varuna, we offer an unforgettable experience with international-class attractions that blend underwater shows with mermaids, theatrical performances infused with local wisdom, attracting tourists from both domestic and international markets. Varuna introduced to add value to Bali’s tourism, garnering international attention,” said Alex.

Showcasing Balinese Culture

In addition to offering a unique and compelling experience, Varuna also combines Balinese local culture with collaborations between international and local artists. This collaboration brings authentic cultural elements into the performance, creating a dynamic fusion of traditional Balinese art with modern theater experiences, enriching the overall immersive underwater journey.

“We have collaborated with several renowned artists in Bali to bring the world-famous Balinese ambiance, and we hope Varuna can set a benchmark for world-class performances in Indonesia,” added Hans Manansang, Director of Marketing at Taman Safari Indonesia Group.

The Exciting Marine Safari Bali will become an international underwater tourism complex, attracting foreign tourists and serving as an eagerly anticipated tourist attraction and marine life education center.

“The presence of Varuna is expected to be a good kickoff before the opening of The Exciting Marine Safari Bali in 2024 and can increase tourists’ interest in visiting Taman Safari Bali. In 2023, the average number of visitors was one million per year. Next year, we hope to see a 100 percent increase due to the presence of Varuna and Marine Safari Bali,” concluded Alex.


About Taman Safari Bali 

Taman Safari Bali is a renowned wildlife park and conservation center located on the island of Bali. With a deep commitment to wildlife conservation and creating unforgettable experiences, Taman Safari Bali continues to lead in combining conservation and entertainment.

About Taman Safari Indonesia

Taman Safari Indonesia is an environmentally conscious family & wildlife habitat oriented tourist destination. With business units spread across several regions in Indonesia, including Taman Safari Bogor, Taman Safari Prigen, Solo Safari, Bali Safari & Marine Park, and Jakarta Aquarium & Safari.

Taman Safari has received several awards, including Best Conservation Institution, Indonesia Green Award, Sapta Pesona Award, Best Indonesia Travel And Tourism Award, Satyalancana Pembangunan Award, and other accolades.

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