Behind the Sea (Scene)

Explore the Creation of Bali’s Unique Underwater Experience: Behind the Scenes at Varuna

Step into the hidden world behind Varuna, Bali's exclusive underwater dining adventure. Our behind-the-scenes tour offers a rare glimpse into the meticulous craftsmanship, creative passion, and innovative design that define Varuna. Discover the dedication that shapes each magical moment beneath the waves. Perfect for enthusiasts of 'unique Bali experiences' and 'underwater dining adventures


Peter Wilson

The director and brilliant writer of the Varuna show. The visionary story he presented has brought the Varuna tale to life in a captivating way.

Patrick Larsen

Production Designer, whose design has transformed the performance space into a mesmerizing underwater world.

Benoit Jutras

A world-class composer from Canada, whose stirring music has become the soul of the Varuna show's journey. His musical compositions have enhanced the audience experience by blending emotions and narrative into a symphony resonating with the depths of the ocean.

Elwin Hendrijanto, Co-Composer, whose stirring music has become the heartbeat of tonight's journey.

Ian Knowles, the Choreographer who orchestrated stunning movements that brought agility and grace to the Varuna story.​

Jerome Maurel, Circus Performer Choreographer​, whose highly innovative work has added a thrilling dimension to the Varuna show.

Made Sidia, Performer Coordinator - Director of Sanggar Paripurna, whose contribution has added uniqueness and cultural depth to the Varuna production.

The dazzling lighting that illuminated our underwater realm was the work of Tom Willis, our Lighting Designer, whose skills have lit up our world tonight.

The brilliance of our Theatre Designer, Craig Gamble, cannot go unmentioned. His exceptional talent in theater design has given us a stage that not only tells a story but also embodies the spirit of Varuna.

And of course, our culinary experience tonight, under the expert guidance of Chef I Made Ardana, has been nothing short of spectacular. His innovative and flavorful dishes have taken us on a gastronomic journey, as memorable and enchanting as the tale of Varuna

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