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Experience Indonesia’s first underwater theatrical dining at Taman Safari Bali’s Varuna, merging culinary art and environmental stewardship, debuting December 2023


2023 - Beginning

In 2023, Taman Safari Bali unveils Varuna, an innovative underwater theatrical experience. Debuting on December 21, Varuna blends Bali’s rich culture with environmental stewardship, offering more than dining—it’s a journey of imagination and a call to protect our oceans, one mesmerizing chapter at a time.

Creative Process

The Inspiration Behind Varuna At Taman Safari Bali, the inception of Varuna was inspired by the enchanting underwater world of Bali and its rich cultural heritage. Our journey of creativity began with the aspiration to intertwine these elements into an extraordinary theatrical narrative.

From Concept to Reality Transforming Varuna from a mere concept into a tangible experience was a journey of artistic vision and technical mastery. Under the guidance of Creative Director Peter Wilson, our production team, including experts like Patrick Larsen, Ian Knowles, I Made Sidia, and Benöit Justras, worked collaboratively to bring this vision to life. Their combined expertise in design, storytelling, and technology ensured a seamless blend of Balinese artistry and modern innovation.

A Collaborative Masterpiece The creation of Varuna was a symphony of collaboration, drawing on the skills and passion of a diverse team. Elwin Hendrijanto played a pivotal role in harmonizing the various elements of the show, while performers Ferry and Nikita, portraying the Prince of the Sea, brought depth and life to the story. This collective effort resulted in a performance that is both authentic to Balinese culture and resonant with contemporary audiences.

Bringing the Story to Life In the final stage of our creative process, the narrative of Varuna was given life through detailed choreography, vibrant costume design, and the integration of advanced technology. The dedication and talent of our entire team, from performers to crew, under the leadership of Peter Wilson, transformed Varuna into a mesmerizing underwater world, transcending the boundaries of traditional theater.


About Taman Safari Indonesia Taman Safari Indonesia is an environmentally conscious family tourist destination, focused on wildlife habitats in their natural setting. The business units of Taman Safari Indonesia are spread across various regions in Indonesia, including Taman Safari Bogor, Taman Safari Prigen, Solo Safari, Taman Safari Bali, and Jakarta Aquarium & Safari.

Taman Safari has received several awards such as the Best Conservation Institution, Indonesia Green Award, Sapta Pesona Award, Best Indonesia Travel And Tourism Award, Satyalancana Pembangunan Award, among others.



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