About The Varuna Show – Indonesia’s Underwater Enchantment

Step into the realm of The Varuna Show, Indonesia’s first underwater theatrical dining experience, set in the mesmerizing backdrop of Bali. Witness a world where the depths of the ocean reveal their secrets, intertwining gastronomy with a journey of fantasy and flavor.

The Legend Beneath The Waves

In Bali’s enchanting underwater world, The Varuna Show unfolds a captivating story. Follow the extraordinary journey of a young prince, a child of land and sea, discovering his inner strength and royal destiny. Amidst majestic sea creatures and armed with a mystical royal necklace, his adventure beneath the waves is an odyssey like no other.

A Spectacle of Storytelling and Culinary Art

Crafted by the visionary Creative Director Peter Wilson, The Varuna Show is more than just a performance; it’s an immersive experience. Audiences are not mere spectators but integral parts of this underwater odyssey, where each scene is a mesmerizing fusion of awe-inspiring performances and heartfelt storytelling.
Are you ready to dive into the heart of Indonesia’s underwater magic? Book your journey now and be part of The Varuna Show, where each moment is a discovery of fantasy and flavors.

Highlights of the show

A unique culinary experience

Menu could change without prior notice. The pictures may not be exact representations of the described foods.

Practical Info


Gate open at 12:30
dining starts at 13:00

The main concept of Varuna is an Underwater theatrical dining venue where you can experience a mesmerizing underwater theatrical show while having a dining with your relatives.

The heart of story of Varuna lies in the tale of a Boy who lived in two worlds, Land and Sea. All elements of Varuna story would follow the adventure of this young hero who underwent all trials, battles and obstacles to unveil all secrets about the boy and the ocean itself.

You may visit our website tamansafari.com/varuna and choose the package you are delighted to. We could also help you to make a booking by contacting our reservation team at +62 811-3811-0400 (Chat Only)

To book a Varuna tickets with dining experience,you may choose Premium or Deluxe Package.

Premium Package will allow you to have a Premium option of 3-course menu and a piece of Photo Souvenir. On the other hand, Deluxe Package comes with Deluxe 3-course menu only.

You may see this menu details in the Details and Inclusion section of each ticket. Once you see the details, you may choose the menu you delighted when you make a booking.

You might want to choose yes in the “dietary restrictions and allergy” Q&A section when you make booking. If you choose yes, please fill all your restrictions and allergy as our reference to serve your food better.

Each dining table set of Varuna consists of 4 seats. If your groups consist of more than 4 people, please acknowledge that your group will be seated in different table with a probability that you will join another group’s table

Yes, you can, Varuna also comes with Regular Package option which include the access to see the show only. The seat also did not come up with a table and will be arranged by our staff.

Of course, you may make an upgrade to your ticket by informing our staffs inside the venue. Please note that your menu will be based on the available options only. We do not take specific menu request for last-minute or same-day upgrade



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